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Louis' Birth

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So I think it’s pretty safe to say 2020 was an eventful year for a lot of people. Me included, as I spent the most part of it being pregnant for the very first time. Every pregnancy has its ups and downs but having to deal with the standard array off emotions & hormones plus the worries & insecurities of a world wild pandemic too I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t always easy. However being pregnant, creating and growing a human being was an incredible experience. 


Overall I feel my pregnancy journey didn’t come without hiccup. At every milestone there were small issues I had to face and I felt things didn’t always go as smoothly as I’d hoped but looking back now I truly believe each one made me that much stronger. The female body is an amazing thing and it’s actually so crazy how strong you become when you have to. 


My heart goes out to every pregnant woman battling the emotions and hormones of their pregnancy during Covid 19. It sadly did have a huge impact on my journey. Hospitals continued to be amazing but there sadly were huge restrictions. My partner missed out on a lot and could only come to a few appointments/scans which of course was devastating. 


As a first time mum you have no clue what to expect which can be daunting. As things were so limited because of the pandemic I opted for a couple of hypno birthing sessions so my partner and I could have open conversations with a personal midwife and discuss any topics we were unsure about. I would hugely recommend this!!! It helped put our minds at ease and we actually learnt so much.



Of course nothing can fully prepare for birth and when experiencing it for the first time you kind of have to just adapt to the role and take each day as it comes. After going 39 weeks and 3 days out beautiful baby boy was born. It was an incredible, scary, amazing, unreal experience and one I won’t forget. Typically for me things didn’t go quite as smoothly as I’d hoped, I suffered a third degree tear when delivering him but I honestly don’t look back in anger - more in awe of the female body and hospital staff and how amazing it all can be. Trust your body!! The female body is a wonderful thing and it’s amazing how quickly you can heal, no matter what birth you have the end result will be so worth it. I am now in a bubble of love enjoying our next chapter with our beautiful Louis.


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