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Lottie's Birth

Ellie and Lottie.jpg

We had a Hypnobirthing session with Katie when I was 35 weeks pregnant which seriously exceeded expectations. Katie oozes calmness and helps to put things in perspective in a reassuringly realistic way. Lots of positive reinforcement left us feeling ready for our baby to be born. The scripts during the session were the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced - Katie's voice needs to be recorded for more pregnant women (and dads) to hear!

When the time came, I ended up being induced and managed to have a natural birth. I didn't have a 'birth plan', but I knew I wanted to use tools from my hypnobirthing which helped me keep calm and let my body do what it needed to do. I was also lucky enough to have Katie as my Midwife. She really is one of a kind and I can't recommend her enough. We feel very lucky to have met her.


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