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I was a bit sceptical of Hypnobirthing to begin with as I'm not into meditation, but it made me realise that Hypnobirthing can suit everyone and that the practical exercises can be used all the time. I enjoyed learning how to think about labour in a different way, instead of thinking about it negatively. Katie has really helped me to see it as a positive experience where we get to meet our baby at the end! We loved every session and found each one really beneficial.

Ben and I had a really wonderful hypnobirthing session with Katie. Thank you so much Katie for helping us feel so relaxed (Ben definitely dozed off!) and confident. I am excited and looking forward to going into labour because I feel ready. I know that Ben will be by my side, helping me to remain calm and relaxed, and will be encouraging me all the way because my body was designed to do this. Highly, highly recommend Katie and Hypnobirthing!!



Without doubt having the sessions with Katie for Hypnobirthing and the whole process of staying calm and the positive mindset had a massive influence on Rosie's labour but also Indie coming into the world. She's a very calm baby and I truly believe that it's helped; I'm always talking about it and telling people they should give it a go if they fall pregnant, because the mind is a powerful thing if you can control it. It made the whole experience wonderful, the birth was lovely, the labour was amazing and Indie really is a little angel. She sleeps well, we've had such a positive experience with her that I can only really recommend Hypnobirthing as much as possible and encourage anyone to be open to the idea.
Joe Wicks 

For me, the main thing that helped me through labour was having a clear goal of what I wanted to visualise and focus on. Katie helped me form this goal. Katie’s advice on breathing techniques helped tremendously! The midwives commented on how I breathed the baby out in the last stages! The Hypnobirthing course helped me remain positive and calm in the lead up to the labour, which I believe contributed to my smooth birth.


It was so great to meet you and feed off your positive energy - we loved it and now have our affirmation cards around the kitchen!


As someone who has practiced yoga and has experience in guided meditation and breathing workshops/classes it was a real reassurance to find that hypnobirthing isn’t a ‘secret craft’ but something completely natural, attainable and accessible. Katie teaches from a very practical perspective and is very encouraging and positive. I loved the option of having our sessions in my home – it definitely added to my feelings of relaxation, calm and security.


We thought it was so valuable to have one on one time with Katie, especially because this is our first baby. She gave us the confidence we needed and a good level of information, both
to do with breathing/ mental health but also with the medical side of labour. Although I
do believe in the power of meditation, I thought it might only focus on that. I was really pleased that it had element of this but also we learned a lot of the medical side too. We were
given all the options so that we could decide what would be best for us.


We are now doing relaxation together, but more importantly it has solidified us as a team and changed the dialogue between us. I'm closer to my husband in this process, I feel empowered and excited to go into labour, and I feel we have a tool kit of strategies to have a positive experience.


We feel incredibly grateful that we can look back and say that we couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience, and that is due in no small part to your help in mentally preparing for the C-section, and your support in Theatre. It was a welcome surprise that you were able to be there for part of it.


Evie is doing really well. The feeding is going brilliantly and we have managed to rely solely on breast milk, which is a relief after the difficulty we had with our first child.  Evie is now back up to birth weight and has now been signed off by the community midwife. All your advice on getting feeding established helped hugely.


It was even better than expected, much due to Katie and her positive and calm demeanor. The session was given in such a positive and friendly way. I found the practical breathing exercises very helpful and it was very useful to have someone so knowledgeable.


My perceptions of what it means to give birth to a child has changed. This is my second baby and I feel I lost a lot of control during the birth of my first. What this course did was give me the confidence to own the birth of my baby in every possible way. I can’t predict exactly what will happen, but I can be more prepared in how I approach the unexpected. What I specifically found most useful was being able to apply the breathing techniques to centre myself. It was the combination of using music, speech and touch from my husband to help me to relax and look forward to the birthing experience.

My partner was happy that my perception of giving birth had changed. Like me, he felt that he wasn’t as prepared as he thought he was to support me and deal with the unexpected. He now feels reassured that I can handle the birth better, and also that he has the tools to support me. I didn’t expect it to be as personalised to my needs as it was. Katie took the time to understand my experiences and perceptions in order to tailor the course to ensure I (and my husband!) got the most from it. It felt like an advanced version of the traditional NCT course.


Katie was excellent. We didn’t know really what to expect, but there are multiple reasons as to why we would recommend her to support your birthing journey. She made it easier with logistics in how flexible she was and was more than happy to entertain our daughter every time she ran in during our sessions!


I really enjoyed the Uterus muscle explanation with the balloon analogy, I keep on having this
image in my head now and it really helps understanding how it works. Katie's voice is very
soothing and really enjoyed the guided relaxations - even via web video! Overall Katie's
approach and friendless made the course very enjoyable and accessible. would LOVE to have a recording or a guided relaxation with Katie's voice, I found myself really able to visualise with  her sessions. Thanks a lot Katie for your positivity!


I can not recommend this course with Katie enough, her advice, soft voice and breathing techniques got me through a very long birth. I’m so proud of myself and even though it wasn’t what I planned I was able to change my birthing plan and I now know that I made the right decisions because I was so well informed.


I wanted to thank you once again for the great preparation we had with the hypnobirthing private course. I had the most amazing empowering experience and we were very lucky to have you as a teacher.


We will forever be so grateful for Katie's help and support and we are so pleased that we got to meet such a wonderful person who also shared such a special experience with us.


We just wanted to say thank you so much for the session last night. We both enjoyed it so much and said afterwards that when you asked us to visualise holding the baby at the end it was the first time we'd done it and both felt really emotional! I feel way more positive about everything now so thank you.


My biggest worries about birth are being induced or having a shoulder dystocia and Katie gave me so many things that I can do to try and best avoid these outcomes that I now feel so much more empowered to give myself the best chance of the labour and birth I wish for. Steve really enjoyed the visualisation where Katie talked us through our baby being born and meeting him for the first time. We both found it really powerful and emotional and am sure that it will be something we both draw on to help us get through labour. None of the online packs or information were as helpful as Katie’s session. She really personalised the techniques and made us see how they can best work for us and her enthusiasm and confidence rubbed off on us leaving us both really excited to experience birth together and to meet our baby boy. As Katie is a working Midwife I felt really confident as well that she knew what was currently possible within a hospital setting which was really reassuring. I can’t recommend Katie highly enough and have already been singing her praises to all my pregnant friends! We really enjoyed being talked through a visualisation and the fact that Katie made us up our own essential oil as this really helped to start us off with our own preparation and practice and was a lovely personal touch.


I cannot sing Katie's praises enough, nor can I recommend her more highly.  She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, knows what birth actually looks like and how both pregnant women and their partners can feel in control of their birth situation.  I'm so grateful to Katie for not only giving us the chance to have a positive c section experience, but for giving us ways to be calm and enjoy relaxation in pregnancy and preparing us for what was a very unusual birth experience so calmly and positively with practical ways that we could handle it. 


Everything! Katie is an absolutely exceptional teacher, so kind and informative - she takes lots of time to get to know your individual concerns and hopes for birth and tailors the course to you. We both felt totally relaxed and able to ask any question on our minds. The course itself is an amazing combination of useful/important information about birth as well as practical skills (from breathing to positions in labour) and Katie also equips you to do lots of things between sessions as well as providing some amazing MP3 recordings. I feel like I could go on forever about how good this class was, I will be recommending Katie to all my pregnant friends. I’m genuinely looking forward to giving birth thanks to Katie.


A HUGE thank you to you for all your help - just practicing all the techniques since our sessions and getting into the right positive mindset I think made a huge difference to how I coped on the day. Jack says I didn’t say much once I was in the swing of it, that I was just focused and in my own little bubble! So thank you so much for helping me get there.


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