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What our couples say about Hypnobirthing

I was a bit sceptical of Hypnobirthing to begin with as I'm not into meditation, but it made me realise that Hypnobirthing can suit everyone and that the practical exercises can be used all the time. I enjoyed learning how to think about labour in a different way, instead of thinking about it negatively. Katie has really helped me to see it as a positive experience where we get to meet our baby at the end! We loved every session and found each one really beneficial.

Ben and I had a really wonderful hypnobirthing session with Katie. Thank you so much Katie for helping us feel so relaxed (Ben definitely dozed off!) and confident. I am excited and looking forward to going into labour because I feel ready. I know that Ben will be by my side, helping me to remain calm and relaxed, and will be encouraging me all the way because my body was designed to do this. Highly, highly recommend Katie and Hypnobirthing!!



For me, the main thing that helped me through labour was having a clear goal of what I wanted to visualise and focus on. Katie helped me form this goal. Katie’s advice on breathing techniques helped tremendously! The midwives commented on how I breathed the baby out in the last stages! The Hypnobirthing course helped me remain positive and calm in the lead up to the labour, which I believe contributed to my smooth birth.


It was so great to meet you and feed off your positive energy - we loved it and now have our affirmation cards around the kitchen!


As someone who has practiced yoga and has experience in guided meditation and breathing workshops/classes it was a real reassurance to find that hypnobirthing isn’t a ‘secret craft’ but something completely natural, attainable and accessible. Katie teaches from a very practical perspective and is very encouraging and positive. I loved the option of having our sessions in my home – it definitely added to my feelings of relaxation, calm and security.


We thought it was so valuable to have one on one time with Katie, especially because this is our first baby. She gave us the confidence we needed and a good level of information, both
to do with breathing/ mental health but also with the medical side of labour. Although I
do believe in the power of meditation, I thought it might only focus on that. I was really pleased that it had element of this but also we learned a lot of the medical side too. We were
given all the options so that we could decide what would be best for us.


We are now doing relaxation together, but more importantly it has solidified us as a team and changed the dialogue between us. I'm closer to my husband in this process, I feel empowered and excited to go into labour, and I feel we have a tool kit of strategies to have a positive experience.


Without doubt having the sessions with Katie for Hypnobirthing and the whole process of staying calm and the positive mindset had a massive influence on Rosie's labour but also Indie coming into the world. She's a very calm baby and I truly believe that it's helped; I'm always talking about it and telling people they should give it a go if they fall pregnant, because the mind is a powerful thing if you can control it. It made the whole experience wonderful, the birth was lovely, the labour was amazing and Indie really is a little angel. She sleeps well, we've had such a positive experience with her that I can only really recommend Hypnobirthing as much as possible and encourage anyone to be open to the idea.

 Joe Wicks