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Rory's Birth


My husband Ben and I did a hypnobirthing session with Katie when I was 7 months pregnant. Katie was lovely and had such a relaxing voice when reading the scripts to us, we felt at ease immediately. For the remainder of my pregnancy, Ben and I talked about the breathing and visualisations and how we were both practising them in our everyday lives. 


When the big day arrived (bang on due date!) we felt ready and excited to meet our little surprise. I went to the birthing centre and spent the day in the birthing pool, which is what I had hoped for. The day flew by as I focused solely on my breathing and visualising the balloon in the Up stage. 

Long story short, after getting to 10cm in the pool, I had a caesarean/abdominal birth. Regardless of the delivery, I am so grateful to hypnobirthing for a wonderful experience. I cannot recommend it enough, not only for the techniques but for the knowledge and awareness of how incredible the female body is and what it is capable of. I was never frightened or worried, I knew my body was doing all it could and when I was advised to have a medically assisted birth I was happy to do whatever was needed to meet my baby boy, Rory, safely. Thank you Katie! 


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