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Josh's Birth

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Both my husband and I started our pregnancy journey a little sceptical about hypnobirthing. Fortunately, relatively late into the pregnancy we decided that it would be yet another tool in our bag that we could draw on during labour and so it was worth trying. We are very glad we did and particularly that we chose to do it with Katie. 


Having done another Antenatal course with Katie and enjoyed her informal but professional approach there we organised a session with her at at our home. It was brilliant, and by the end we were both converts. The only thing we wish is that it had been Katie's calming voice on the CD or YouTube videos, after experiencing it with her they seemed pretty rough!


Once in labour, there were delays in getting pain relief and being able to draw on what we had practiced was a relief and a real help. I would make sure that your midwives know you are using hypnobirthing, I did not make a sound my entire labour and my husband had to keep pointing out to the midwives that there was no point talking to me as I was having a contraction!


I am very happy to recommend hypnobirthing especially with Katie. My husband also found it to a be a great way to help and be more involved in the experience as well.


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