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Isobel's Birth

Charlotte and Isobel.jpg

The Hypnobirthing course helped me remain positive and calm in the lead up to the labour, which I believe contributed to my smooth birth.


For me, the main thing that helped me through labour was having a clear goal of what I wanted to visualise and focus on. Katie helped me form this goal. My husband got me through the last stages of labour by reading the scripts to me, this helped me stay calm and focused and gave me the faith that I could do this. The birth was as I had envisaged, in the pool, with gas and air and relatively quick! 


Katie’s advice on breathing techniques also helped tremendously! The midwives commented on how I breathed the baby out in the last stages! This control may have also contributed to me having very little damage from the labour, I only had one stitch so recovery was incredibly quick.


My little girl was born 8lb 5, at 42 weeks, in her sac, and as planned (even after a pessary) and I attribute that to the calmness and positivity instilled from the Hypnobirthing course.


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