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Ayla's Birth


My positive birth experience. 

During my pregnancy I was able to complete Hypnobirthing courses with Birth and Breathe (over Zoom). Some people may not know if this is for them but I can not express just how much I benefited from them. During our time with Katie, we went through stages of labour, pain relief, self expressing, breathing techniques, birthing plans and consent/decision making. 


My labour was 34 hours long. I stayed at home using my TENS machine for 18 hours, managing my contractions with the breathing techniques Katie taught me. My waters broke and I went to hospital, where I did another four hours in the pool. That was the most relaxing experience and I highly recommend this. Both my midwives asked me if I had completed any courses on breathing techniques as I was coping so well with them by just using gas and air. 



After 26 hours of contractions I had an epidural, something I wanted to avoid and I felt like I had given in, but looking back now it was the right decision. I ended up having a c section due to my daughter Ayla not being in a good position even though I was fully dilated, but I knew exactly what to expect in theatre thanks to Katie, so I felt more prepared. 


Due to Katie’s excellent advice I had self expressed colostrum before giving birth, I was able to give this to Ayla when she was born as I was so exhausted and so was she (very sleepy and not wanting to latch). This gave me time to rest and try latching her later on, which she finally did! As Ayla was so sleepy, I found the colostrum in the syringe helped her wake up and then latch during my time in the postnatal ward. This has definitely helped me for my breastfeeding journey. 


I can not recommend this course with Katie enough, her advice, soft voice and breathing techniques got me through a very long birth. I’m so proud of myself and even though it wasn’t what I planned I was able to change my birthing plan and I now know that I made the right decisions because I was so well informed.


I would do it all again to have our little peach. Women and their bodies are absolutely incredible.


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