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Eva's Birth

Emily and Eva 2.jpg

We met Katie at 37 weeks for a hypnobirthing session (just before the social distancing/lockdown measures were put in place!) Katie made the environment so relaxing and instantly made us feel comfortable in her warm and friendly presence. It was easy to relax into her teaching of the techniques. Katie’s reading of the scripts was so calming, her voice needs to be recorded to play back when you’re practicing the relaxation techniques and in labour! 


I was induced at 38 weeks for Gestational Diabetes and didn’t have a birth plan; I just knew that I wanted to try and keep things as natural as possible for as long as possible. I really believe that the hypnobirthing techniques I learnt with Katie helped me through the induction process. When we were moved to the Labour Ward we had the positive affirmation cards around the room to read as I mobilised around the room. Once it came to pushing we couldn’t believe our luck when Katie came in to join our Midwife and be present for the Birth of our Daughter. We will forever be so grateful for her help and support and we are so pleased that we got to meet such a wonderful person who also shared such a special experience with us.


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