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Birth Reflection and Debrief

Would you like time to talk about your birth experience?

Sarah Salinger - Midwife 

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I am a Nurse, a Midwife and mother of two. I live within the South West London/Surrey area and have been a Midwife for many years (decades!)

I have been fortunate enough to have worked in all areas of Midwifery, more recently my experience has included leading a Birth Reflections service for women and their birth partners.

I have found the Birth Reflection service to be a valuable appointment enabling women and their partners to reflect upon the birth experience, explore rationale behind decisions that were made and understand events surrounding the birth. The clarity women have found following these appointments has been instrumental in improving wellbeing .This could be weeks, months or years following the birth – whenever you feel ready to explore events and help to plan and make decisions for any future births you may be planning.


I am able to offer this service within the comfort of your own home. You would firstly need to obtain a copy of your maternity records from your delivering hospital (Some hospitals charge a small fee for this) and if you then feel you would like to discuss your birth you can contact me via email on:

or book here

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