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Because everyone loves a positive birth story

Rory's Birth... a grand entrance


My husband Ben and I did a hypnobirthing session with Katie when I was 7 months pregnant. Katie was lovely and had such a relaxing voice when reading the scripts to us, we felt at ease immediately. For the remainder of my pregnancy, Ben and I talked about the breathing and visualisations and how we were both practising them in our everyday lives. 


When the big day arrived (bang on due date!) we felt ready and excited to meet our little surprise. I went to the birthing centre and spent the day in the birthing pool, which is what I had hoped for. The day flew by as I focused solely on my breathing and visualising the balloon in the Up stage. 

Long story short, after getting to 10cm in the pool, I had a caesarean/abdominal birth. Regardless of the delivery, I am so grateful to hypnobirthing for a wonderful experience. I cannot recommend it enough, not only for the techniques but for the knowledge and awareness of how incredible the female body is and what it is capable of. I was never frightened or worried, I knew my body was doing all it could and when I was advised to have a medically assisted birth I was happy to do whatever was needed to meet my baby boy, Rory, safely. Thank you Katie! 


Josh's Birth... a silent labour

Both my husband and I started our pregnancy journey a little sceptical about hypnobirthing. Fortunately, relatively late into the pregnancy we decided that it would be yet another tool in our bag that we could draw on during labour and so it was worth trying. We are very glad we did and particularly that we chose to do it with Katie. 


Having done another Antenatal course with Katie and enjoyed her informal but professional approach there we organised a session with her at at our home. It was brilliant, and by the end we were both converts. The only thing we wish is that it had been Katie's calming voice on the CD or YouTube videos, after experiencing it with her they seemed pretty rough!


Once in labour, there were delays in getting pain relief and being able to draw on what we had practiced was a relief and a real help. I would make sure that your midwives know you are using hypnobirthing, I did not make a sound my entire labour and my husband had to keep pointing out to the midwives that there was no point talking to me as I was having a contraction!


I am very happy to recommend hypnobirthing especially with Katie. My husband also found it to a be a great way to help and be more involved in the experience as well.



Mason's Birth... intense but magical

We welcomed Mason into the world weighing 7lb 9oz, can't believe he's here and madly in love! I started to have contractions after a sweep on Monday and finally gave birth on friday, was an intense week but your Hypnobirthing helped so much! It was a lovely, relaxed, magical delivery that I'll cherish forever so thank you! 


Indie's Birth... a calm birth... a calm baby

Without doubt having the sessions with Katie for Hypnobirthing and the whole process of staying calm and the positive mindset had a massive influence on Rosie's labour but also Indie coming into the world. She's a very calm baby and I truly believe that it's helped. It made the whole experience wonderful, the birth was lovely, the labour was amazing and Indie really is a little angel.

                                                                  Joe Wicks

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Lottie's Birth... empowering and emotional

Ellie and Lottie.jpg

We had a Hypnobirthing session with Katie when I was 35 weeks pregnant which seriously exceeded expectations. Katie oozes calmness and helps to put things in perspective in a reassuringly realistic way. Lots of positive reinforcement left us feeling ready for our baby to be born. The scripts during the session were the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced - Katie's voice needs to be recorded for more pregnant women (and dads) to hear!

When the time came, I ended up being induced and managed to have a natural birth. I didn't have a 'birth plan', but I knew I wanted to use tools from my hypnobirthing which helped me keep calm and let my body do what it needed to do. I was also lucky enough to have Katie as my Midwife. She really is one of a kind and I can't recommend her enough. We feel very lucky to have met her.


Isobel's Birth... calm and positive 

The Hypnobirthing course helped me remain positive and calm in the lead up to the labour, which I believe contributed to my smooth birth.


For me, the main thing that helped me through labour was having a clear goal of what I wanted to visualise and focus on. Katie helped me form this goal. My husband got me through the last stages of labour by reading the scripts to me, this helped me stay calm and focused and gave me the faith that I could do this. The birth was as I had envisaged, in the pool, with gas and air and relatively quick! 


Katie’s advice on breathing techniques also helped tremendously! The midwives commented on how I breathed the baby out in the last stages! This control may have also contributed to me having very little damage from the labour, I only had one stitch so recovery was incredibly quick.


My little girl was born 8lb 5, at 42 weeks, in her sac, and as planned (even after a pessary) and I attribute that to the calmness and positively instilled from the Hypnobirthing course.


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