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A Complete Antenatal Education course to fully prepare you for the birth of your baby

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What's included in all in-person and virtual Birth and Breathe courses?

  • Birth and Breathe tote bag (in-person course)

  • Course booklet

  • Set of positive affirmation cards

  • Relaxation MP3 tracks

  • 1:1 support from Katie up until the birth of your baby

  • Invitation to join Breathing Space - a private Facebook group for Birth and Breathe clients

     * Blästa Henriët Eye Pillow included in Full Course *

For all virtual or online courses PDF versions of the course booklet and affirmation cards are included.


An online course that covers all aspect of hypnobirthing and birth preparation for you to achieve a calm and comfortable birth. Watch and learn in your own time in the comfort of you own home learning all the tips to get your body and baby ready for birth. Taught by an experienced Midwife working in a clinical setting covering all the parts of labour and birth that will enable you to feel informed and confident in your preparation. 

What's included?

20 online videos guiding you through birth preparation

5 relaxation tracks

Guides to packing your birth bag and birth preferences

Invitation to join an online pregnancy support group 

Exclusive discounts from top brands

Downloadable/printable affirmations


For more information on what these packages include or to book a course visit Book Online or contact me. For courses with more than one session please select an available date to start the course and add other session dates by writing them in 'Add your message' when completing your booking. 

Please read T&Cs prior to booking. 

Please note that these classes are intended as Hypnobirthing classes only and do not replace the role of your named Midwife/ Doctor/Caregiver. The teachers of this course are present as Hypnobirthing educators only, and not Midwives. This course is no way intended to offer medical or Midwifery advice. You should seek advice of a Midwife/Medical Professional to answer health or pregnancy related questions or issues surrounding pregnancy/labour/birth. The Hypnobirthing educators are no way responsible for any complications that may arise as a result of pregnancy/labour/birth.

To book a course visit Book Online or contact me for more information. For courses with more than one session please select an available date to start the course and add other session dates when completing your booking. To purchase the *brand new* digital course click here!

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