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Creating the perfect birthing environment

How will I cope? How long will it be? How will I know when to call the maternity unit/Midwife? Just a few of the very common questions pregnant mothers ask me and are often worrying about. Sound familiar? You are definitely not alone in these anxieties!

We never know how long or short your labour will be, but we do know the more calm and relaxed you are, the more efficiently your body will labour. Calm and quiet places create oxytocin, melatonin and prolactin.... the perfect mixture for having a baby!

Key things to encourage a calm atmosphere (whether this is at home or in the hospital):

  • familiar surroundings/belongings that make it feel like home

  • dim lighting

  • music that makes you feel comfortable and happy

  • candles/fairy lights

  • aromatherapy or lovely scents

  • your birth partner- reassuring you, offering you refreshments, massage, supporting with calm breathing

  • space to move into a comfortable position

  • clothing that won't restrict your movement

  • thing to keep you upright/mobile; birthing ball, peanut ball, birthing stool, couch.

Having all this and trusting in your instinct will enable your body to work efficiently for a smoother birth. Early labour can be so tough and many doubts can creep in, but keep your mind strong and believe in the power of your body and you will get there.

Thanks for reading! As always I'd love to hear your birth story or any other themes you would like me to cover on this blog/instagram. Just drop me an email at

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