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Essential Oil Massage Blend

100% Massage Oil blended (1%) with Organic Sunflower Oil for use during labour and birth.

Aromatherapy has been shown to aid calm, concentration, relaxation, and much more, during labour and birth.

Personalised Massage Blends available.

3 Massage Blends (10ml) £10.00 when Full Course purchased.

Individual Massage Blend available to purchase for £5.95 (inc p&p).

For more information or to purchase your blends please contact me.

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Positive Affirmation Cards

A set of affirmation cards to promote positivity and confidence to carry you through pregnancy, labour, birth and through your postnatal journey as you become a mother.

To purchase either the Antenatal or Postnatal set please contact me. If you are purchasing a course the Antenatal set are included in the course cost.

Positive Affirmation Cards £8.95 (inc p&p)

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